Federal Government Advocacy

Analysis –  We help our clients analyze the effect of government policies on their interests and the potential costs and benefits of alternate policies. We also analyze the prospects for changes to be adopted.

Strategy Development – A successful advocacy program depends on a strategy which involves client and consultant in a team effort to achieve the goals. We develop a strategy, which maximizes the client’s inherent assets and puts us in the position of adding value on both the substance and the politics of the issue at hand.

Agenda Setting – Based on our analysis of current policies and the potential for change, we help our clients develop a policy agenda.

Government Liaison – We maintain close working relationships with key members of the U.S. Congress and their staffs. The same is true for the administration – from the White House through many Federal agencies. High-quality, well-timed contacts with elected and appointed officials and with career civil servants allow us to represent our clients in a cost-effective and successful manner.

State Government Affairs

Statehouse Relations – We enjoy a strong network of relationships in Governors’ offices nationwide. In most major states, we can assist clients in getting their issues before top state officials and developing a strategy for advancing their interests.

Advocacy Network – When our clients require “boots on the ground” in a state legislature, we can assist them in obtaining the right counsel  in virtually any state capitol in the country.

Project Finance

Strategic Financial Planning In today’s environment there are multiple ways to finance a project. We assist our clients in assessing the potential for government assistance and tailoring their financial plan to maximize the potential for that assistance.

Liaison between Project Sponsors and the Financial CommunityWe assist Financial Advisors, Investment Bankers and Project Sponsors in their efforts to work together and to bring other levels of government into their project financial plan.
Team Building – Our network in the community of engineering and construction firms, design firms, the investment community, equipment suppliers and others allows us to assist our clients in developing or joining the right team for winning major project work.

Business Development

Strategy Development –   We work with our clients to develop a strategy for relationship development and business capture.  The strategy will be sensitive to the client’s knowledge of specific upcoming opportunities as well as longer term potential business stemming from trends in the industry and in government policy and finance.

Business Capture – When specific opportunities are upcoming, Peyser will set up meetings with the potential customer as appropriate (i.e. before RFP issuance) and help our clients coordinate appropriate contact with the agency. When allowed by procurement rules of the particular agency, we will be in direct contact with the agency on our client’s behalf.

Relationship Development – We help our clients connect with leadership of government agencies and potential industry partners who are crucial to the company’s business strategy.

Customer Relations – When issues or opportunities arise in connection with an existing customer, we will assist our clients in communicating with the leadership of the agency involved.  This includes arranging and attending meetings as well as direct communication by phone and e-mail.