In it’s July 16, 2012 edition Congressional Quarterly included a piece on Peter Peyser’s re-starting of Peyser Associates. See below:

On the Move

People in new roles shaping the debate in Washington

Peter A. Peyser

After working in the government relations shop of the law firm Blank Rome for seven years, Peter A. Peyser has relaunched his own public affairs and business development consulting firm, Peyser Associates. Peyser splits his time between Washington and New York, building up public and private sector support for large infrastructure projects.
“In a perfect world we’d be able to continue funding all of these needs strictly with public money,” says Peyser. “That’s usually the most efficient way to build a major public project, but that’s not the world we’re living in.”

Peyser’s clients at Blank Rome include the Portland, Ore., transportation system; Seattle transit authority Sound Transit; and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. Before he started his first firm in 1982, Peyser, 58, was a Washington representative for New York City Mayor Ed Koch. — Kristin Coyner | JULY 16, 2012 | CQ WEEKLY



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