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We are a public affairs and strategic business consulting firm with offices in New York and Washington, DC

Public Affairs and Strategic Business Consulting in New York and Washington, DC


When your issue is being decided in the public space – meaning government policy or funding decisions are involved – developing a successful strategy means understanding the people and institutions that will be making key decisions. From that understanding comes knowledge of who and what will influence those decisions and how to motivate the right people and organizations to join in achieving your goals. Peyser Associates has deep experience in crafting the arguments and bringing stakeholders into the process to help our clients achieve success. The scope of our work has included issues before federal, state and local government in the U.S. as well as the European Union and U.K. governments.


PeyserAssociates has assisted numerous clients in developing new business through contacts with government agencies at all levels. We have assisted clients in winning their first government contract and winning new contracts to add to their existing portfolio of business.


Peyser Associates helps its clients achieve success in their efforts to gain government funding and financing for their initiatives, to enact favorable policies and to block unfavorable ones. We have represented Governors, Mayors, and regional authorities in the public sector space. Our private sector clients have included those in the transportation, health care, financial services and non-profit sectors. Our contacts extend through many U.S. government agencies and on Capitol Hill as well as numerous state houses and city halls in the U.S.